Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Acupuncture has gained acceptance and popularity in the recent years, thanks to its growing reputation for effectively treating conditions that vex conventional medicine – most notably pain conditions, womens’ health, and digestive issues.

needles on matChronic issues that respond well to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine include:

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Acupuncture works wonders for the common cold

Acute conditions that Chinese medicine treats very well include:

Other areas of treatment that acupuncture can support:

  • Fertility – to promote regular cycles, ovulation, fertilization (also applicable for couples undergoing IVF)
  • Cancer recovery – to help the body recover from chemotherapy or radiation, reduce nausea, improve appetite, alleviate depression
  • Stroke rehabilitation

Treatments can include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and additional modalities like cupping and bodywork.

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